South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned the crisis in Gaza as genocidal and has called for an immediate ceasefire


President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa has vehemently condemned the ongoing crisis in Gaza, denouncing it as a “genocidal onslaught and slaughter of the people of Palestine.” In a press statement, he drew parallels between the struggles faced by Palestinians and those experienced by South Africans during their own turbulent history.

“As we have looked at the sufferings of the Palestinians, we have seen similar features of what the Palestinians are going through as what we, as South Africans, went through,” President Ramaphosa expressed.

Ramaphosa continued, emphasizing the gravity of the situation unfolding in Gaza. “What is unfolding now, in Gaza, is beyond being unjust. It is genocidal, and that is why we are dubbing it as a genocide against a people and a collective punishment against innocent people,” he declared.

In response to the dire circumstances, President Ramaphosa called for an immediate ceasefire, stressing the urgency of halting what he perceives as a genocidal onslaught and expressing the collective responsibility to prevent further suffering.

– Previous action –

In a previous stern message, the South African government had issued a warning to its citizens involved or contemplating involvement in the conflict in Gaza.

The South African foreign ministry expressed deep concern over reports that some of its nationals may have joined the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) to fight in Gaza. The ministry emphasized that such actions could potentially lead to the violation of international law, making those involved liable for prosecution in South Africa. The State Security Agency (SSA) is reportedly actively tracking down individuals involved in this activity.

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