South Africa launches case at top UN court accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza


South Africa has launched a case at the International Court of Justice accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and requesting the court to order Israel to halt its attacks. This marks the first such challenge made at the court over the current conflict. South Africa’s submission alleges that Israel’s actions are genocidal in character and are committed with the intent to destroy Palestinians in Gaza as part of the broader Palestinian national, racial, and ethnic group. The case, if it proceeds, could take years, but an interim order to suspend military operations in Gaza could be issued within weeks. Israel has rejected the accusations, calling them a “blood libel” and stating that South Africa’s case lacks a legal foundation. The Israeli government also accused South Africa of cooperating with Hamas, the Palestinian militant group behind a recent attack in southern Israel. Whether the case will succeed in halting the conflict remains uncertain, as the court’s orders are legally binding but not always followed.

Piers Potter


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