Kelly Khumalo accused of ordering Senzo Meyiwa's murder in South Africa

South African gospel singer Kelly Khumalo has been accused in court of ordering the murder of her former boyfriend, football star Senzo Meyiwa, who was shot while trying to protect her from armed robbers in 2014. Five suspects were arrested in 2020 in connection with the case.

Lead investigator Bongani Gininda told the Gauteng High Court on Wednesday that Ms. Khumalo had orchestrated “a contractual assassination or hit.” Ms. Khumalo’s spokesperson said that they have faith in the legal process and that her legal team is actively addressing the situation. However, they stated that Ms. Khumalo cannot comment on the matter.

The trial of those accused of killing Mr. Meyiwa, a former captain of the national football team and goalkeeper for Orlando Pirates, has garnered significant attention in the country. Ms. Khumalo first came under suspicion after police documents were leaked in 2020 following the arrests of the men. At that time, her lawyer stated that she had no knowledge of the individuals involved.

According to Mr. Gininda, one of the suspects confessed that Ms. Khumalo had given them instructions to kill Mr. Meyiwa. He also mentioned that Ms. Khumalo was linked to the suspects through cell phone records. Colonel Lambertus Steyn from the National Cold Case Investigation Unit testified last year that Ms. Khumalo had been in contact with one of the accused at least twice before Mr. Meyiwa’s murder. Additionally, a photograph of money in a transparent bag found on one of the suspect’s phones was also found on Ms. Khumalo’s phone.

The court is currently determining the admissibility of the confession statements, as two of the suspects claim they were made under duress. Mr. Gininda stated that despite having a child together, Ms. Khumalo and Mr. Meyiwa had fallen out, with Ms. Khumalo expressing a desire to get rid of him in communication records with her sister from early 2013.

Piers Potter


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