"Truck Crash in Southwest Congo Kills 18 as Vehicle Plunges into Ravine"

In southwestern Congo, a truck speeding along a major highway in the remote Kasangulu territory veered out of control and plunged into a ravine, resulting in the deaths of 18 passengers and injuring over a dozen others, as confirmed by the local police.

According to Benjamin Banza, the police commander in Kasangulu, the truck was “filled with goods and carrying many passengers” at the time of the accident. The bodies of the deceased were taken to the morgue at Kasangulu General Hospital, while those injured, including six in critical condition and 15 with minor injuries, are receiving treatment at the same hospital.

The truck sustained severe damage in the incident and has not yet been recovered from the ravine. Banza noted that excessive speed is suspected as the cause of the crash.

In Congo, disregard for traffic rules is a common factor in road accidents, especially on major roads.

This recent tragedy has raised concerns about road safety in the Kongo Central region, which has experienced similar incidents in the past. Local authorities have pledged to address the issue by educating drivers and enforcing traffic regulations.

Piers Potter


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