South Sudan Bans Deadly Local Gin Amidst Health Concerns

Authorities in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria state have issued a ban on the sale of a popular beer known as Royal Gin, colloquially referred to as “Makuei Gin,” following reports of multiple deaths linked to the consumption of a local gin.

The Royal Gin, known for its addictive properties, particularly among young people, has been implicated in a series of fatalities, especially during the festive period encompassing Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony announced the ban, emphasizing the need to curb the rising fatalities associated with the consumption of the gin. He highlighted the dangerous consequences of intoxication, citing instances where inebriated individuals had inflicted harm, including violence against family members.

The Anglican Church in Juba has voiced its support for the ban, urging the governor to ensure strict enforcement.

Named after Information Minister Michael Makuei in 2019 due to its popularity during his tenure, the gin has faced scrutiny in the past. Minister Makuei had previously advocated for a ban on the gin and the closure of its production facility.

Piers Potter


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