"South African Troops Killed in DR Congo Attack"

South African troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo suffered their first fatalities since their recent deployment to quell a rebellion. Two soldiers were killed, and three were injured after a mortar bomb landed in their base on Wednesday. The South African army stated that the “details of this incident are still sketchy.”

The troops are part of a regional force assisting DR Congo’s military in confronting various armed groups. The most prominent among these is the M23, which has positioned itself on major routes leading into Goma, the main city in eastern DR Congo. The M23’s advance has resulted in tens of thousands being displaced, adding to the nearly seven million already displaced due to multiple conflicts in the region.

However, the South African army has not directly linked the attack to the M23. South Africa began deploying troops to eastern DR Congo in December under the Southern African Development Community (SADC). South Africa will contribute 2,900 troops to the force, with Malawi and Tanzania also sending soldiers. This deployment follows the exit of an East African force from the country at the request of the DR Congo government. President Félix Tshisekedi hopes that the southern African force will be more successful, as it has a more robust mandate.

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Piers Potter


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