"South Africa: African Mining Indaba Kicks Off in Cape Town"

The African Mining Indaba 2024, focusing on investing in the African mining sector, commences this Monday in Cape Town. Metals, crucial for the energy transition and green technologies, will be a key topic of discussion. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), demand for lithium, cobalt, and other essential minerals could increase sixfold within the next 20 years.

Despite a recent decline in exploration investments on the continent, experts remain optimistic, anticipating a reversal in this trend due to the growing demand for minerals vital to the energy transition. All industry stakeholders are emphasizing their commitment to “ESG” criteria—environmental, social, and governance—seen as crucial for sustainable mining development in Africa.

The organizers aim to promote and support the necessary changes in Africa’s mining industry with this year’s theme. They emphasize the industry’s early-stage disruption, driven by technological advancements, health and safety improvements, environmental concerns, and exploration innovations. The event seeks to address the real obstacles to investment and how they can lead to new opportunities.

The Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde Kyenge, will attend the event. The DRC is one of the world’s largest producers of green metals. Discussions will include updates on the partnership between the DRC and Zambia to facilitate lithium battery development, crucial for electric vehicle battery production.

With untapped reserves of cobalt, copper, diamond, gold, and other minerals estimated at $24 trillion, the DRC holds a prominent position in Africa’s mining sector. This gathering occurs amid increased attention on mining safety, highlighted by a recent incident at South Africa’s Impala Platinum mine, where 11 miners were killed and 75 injured.

Piers Potter


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