A Moroccan playwright died on Sunday April 2, a week after setting himself on fire in protest the culture ministry, a Moroccan official told AFP. Ahmad Jawad “died in a hospital in Rabat where he was being treated” after trying to end his life, according to this official who requested anonymity.



On March 27, he set himself on fire in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture in Rabat, on International Theater Day. Local media explained his gesture by a feeling of “exclusion and marginalization.

According to a source at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Communication, who closely followed the condition of the artist, Ahmed Jaouad died this Sunday, a few days after the tragic gesture which caused him numerous burns.

It was on Monday, March 27 in Rabat, when the director decided to douse himself with fuel to drown his body in the flames in front of the department of culture under the ministry, before being rescued by people present on the spot who immediately intervened to put out the flames.

He was transported to CHU Ibn Sina in a condition deemed stable.

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication expressed its “deep regret” following the immolation by fire of an individual, Monday morning in front of its headquarters – Department of Culture, stating that it is a retired contractual employee of the Mohammed V Theatre in Rabat, who also works in the field of theater.

In a statement, the ministry said it had learned of this sad incident, expressing its “deep regret at this tragic event.

Jawad was a contractual employee at the Mohammed V Theater in Rabat retired since October 2021. Jawad had submitted to the Ministry an offer to purchase his plays, which was approved, says the statement, noting that the Ministry had acquired two of his plays in 2022 and agreed to purchase a third in 2023, knowing that these plays have already been presented in Machraa Belksiri and Sale.

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