Kanye West Excites Fans with Tease of Shows in Lagos and Nairobi

US rapper Kanye West has stirred excitement among his fans in Kenya and Nigeria by including the two countries in the list of potential concert venues for his new tour.

A tentative venue list shared on West’s Instagram stories indicates that the rapper plans to perform at Eko Energy City in Lagos and the Nyayo International Stadium in Nairobi.

West has also expressed interest in performing at Egypt’s Giza Pyramids.

While the rapper has not made an official announcement, the tour list has sparked anticipation among fans in the two countries, with some humorously sharing jokes about the concert on social media.

“Kanye to Kenya? Dude probably said he must visit the country that has the same syllables as him,” one Kenyan posted on X.

Some fans also joked that the rapper should announce the ticket prices early so they can start saving.

Fans from countries such as South Africa have expressed disappointment at being excluded from the potential tour, echoing similar past concerns about major Western musicians excluding the continent from their international tour schedules.

Piers Potter


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