"Fatal Blast in Southern Nigeria Leaves 2 Dead and 77 Injured"

Governor: Illegal Miners’ Explosives Caused Deadly Ibadan Blast

Oyo state Governor Seyi Makinde has attributed the overnight explosion in Ibadan to explosives stored by illegal miners. The blast, which has affected seven suburbs of Nigeria’s third most-populous city, resulted in the deaths of two individuals and left 77 others injured.

Rescue efforts are ongoing, drawing crowds to the blast site. Among those affected is a man whose mother was in her bed when the explosion occurred, resulting in her hospitalization. Witnesses describe the devastation, with buildings reduced to rubble, vehicles destroyed, and widespread damage to homes in the vicinity.

The explosion, which occurred at approximately 19:45 local time (18:45 GMT) in Bodija, a residential district of Ibadan, was heard throughout the city. Eyewitnesses include a painter who was unable to locate his boss after the blast, as the building where he had been working collapsed.

Governor Makinde assured that those responsible for the explosion would be held accountable. He also pledged government support for the medical expenses of the victims, temporary accommodation for those whose homes were affected, and assistance in rebuilding their lives.

Piers Potter


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