"At Douala Port, Cameroon: Russian Wheat Shipment Unloaded for Central African Republic"

At a quay of the Douala autnomous port, in Cameroon, crane operators have been busy lately.

25,000 tonnes of wheat are unloaded and sent to mills to obtain wheat flour.

The wheat flour will then be sent to the neighbouring Central African Republic (CAR).

The shipment was promised last July by Russia’s president during the 2nd Russia-Africa summit.

At the time, his country had just decided not to extend its participations in the UN-backed Black Sea Grain initiative.

Jean Marie Tchuissang, the Russian honorary consul in Douala who attended this morning the unloading, hailed a win-win parternship.

“Nearly all African states are now appreciating Russia for its appoach, its position, its way of doing things,” the diplomat said.

“Russia proposes a peer-to-peer partnership, exchange ties that are a win-win for all parties.”

The wheat is processed in Cameroon because the CAR lacks the capabilities.

Vladimir Putin vowed to send for free some 200,000 tonnes of wheat to Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali, Somalia, RCA and Eritrea.

Piers Potter


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